Choosing Your Fence Panel

According to recent reports, the economy is in financial meltdown (and a definite knock on slump especially to the housing sector), fewer people are interested in moving and instead are turning their attention to improving their homes and their gardens.

One important aspect of this focus on people’s garden fencing and subsequent choices is choosing what fence panel to settle for. Take note, even though choosing fence panels for your garden fencing may at first seem straight forward, it is very important to always keep in mind the fact that there are several other factors which need to be considered.

 For starters, your choice of fence panel can be divided into two areas. The fence panel which is selected can be used as a security and perimeter measure or better yet decorative feature. In fact, there are a range of fencing panels which suit any of the requirements mentioned above. Below are additional details on some of these options. They include:

  1. The Lap Panels

These fence panels have previously proven to offer a simple way to identify your gardens perimeter. What’s more, they are available under different budget options meaning regardless of your budget, you are guaranteed to get hold of something that’ll suits your budget. You will be glad to learn that these fences are normal provided for already fully framed with batten, expect for the cheapest versions which are supplied with not bottom frame.

Besides simply offering a great choice, these same garden panels are largely being used and are supplied in various colors. A lot of care must be taken however in order to select your fence panel and help keep it in line with local trends. From the look of things, this fence panel offers a great choice and value for money, it is also very important to note that just like all things in life, you only get what it is that you pay for.   In addition to all of the above, it is very important to understand that, being a less costly fence panel, this product’s life expectancy is short to medium term. In fact, it is not as strong as some alternatives, this being the case, it is strongly advised that it is not overly exposed in windy areas.

  1. Closeboard Panels:

This variety of fence panels has previous proven to offer a more solid solution compared to that of the lap panel and its construction serves as a guarantee for more sturdy solution for garden fencing. It is equally worth nothing that this panel has a medium to long life expectancy plus it is able to cope with a higher wind loading volume compared to other fence panels such as the lap panel. Just like the lap panel, these fence panels can also be supplied in a range of colors and sizes.

  1. Grange Elite Panels:

This variety of fence panels are characteristic of features which offer more decorative finish to the garden compared to the lap of close board fence panels. Unlike the standard looks of other the lap or close board panels, the garage elite panels come in a variety of styles which include lattice finish or curved top. It is important to note that these panels offer a great choice and can easily be used on a mix and match basis as well to compliment the gardens overall feel and looks.

Everything taken into consideration, these fence panels are very easy to set up. Another good thing about them is the fact that either side can be used as the face side.


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