Removing a Fencepost Set in Concrete without Heavy Equipment

Speaking from experience, I previously had a fencepost which served to hold the backyard gate and when it started rotting I definitely knew it was time to make a replacement. Unfortunately for me, the location was extremely tight and there was no access to the area without removing any substantial amount of landscaping and more of the fence. Simply put, it was almost impossible to access the area with ease. As if that is not enough, it was almost impossible as well to dig a hole wide enough to get this out of the ground. In fact, I remember, this fence post had previously been set up by surrounding it with concrete immediately after being placed on the ground.

I also remember trying several ways to find out if there is a way in which this fencepost could be removed without much success. As strange as it may sound, at some point I even tried hooking it to the back of my car and tried pulling it over in which case, the rear wheels span out of control. After all this effort, I was convinced that I was going to require some relatively heavy equipment in order to get this thing out of the ground in order to allow for a new replacement. That, (using heavy equipment) however was never to be.

A close friend reached out and shared a very interesting and simple idea. He simply advised me to prepare the site by digging a large hole round the concrete ball right at the base of the fence post. He also mentioned, that it is only after doing that that if we had applied enough force, we would definitely bring up to the surface the concrete ball. Once I dug the hole, I decided to again attach the concrete ball to my car and tried applying the force (after attaching it to the bumper of my car). In spite of all of this, I still was not successful in bringing down the fence post. It was then that I was advised to wrap the base of the post as low as I possibly could with the chain and try again.

Fortunately, the up thrust was irresistible to the fencepost and the concrete ball was successfully brought to the surface. I was rather surprised after all this time that once I got some upward motion, I was able to easily continue right until the fencepost and the concrete base was successfully removed from  the hole. Finally, I was able to place a new fencepost and proceed to fill its hole with concrete as expected. Everything taken into consideration, I have to admit that without this helpful idea I frankly can fathom how I would have managed to get the removal of the fencepost accomplish without going extreme. I have to admit, this was an extremely helpful hint which I will not forget. You too should feel free to share it with others as well and make someone else’s experience easier.


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