Selecting a good Fence

Selecting the right fence for your home largely depends on what exactly it is that you would like to achieve with the fence (the purpose of the fence). For instance, are you after privacy, are you interested in security? Are you looking to decorate? Would you like the fence to contain pets or children or would you like to simply have a perimeter demarcation?

In most cases, you will most definitely need a mix of all of the above; in fact, it is less likely that you will ever settle for a straight forward simple selection. Taking this into consideration, expect to be able to easy evaluate which common fences are the best for you.

For instance, if it is privacy that you are after, when making your selection, it is strongly advised that you settle for something that is relatively tall, does not have any gaps and most importantly is extremely effective. In most cases, you will always find that timber fences cover all of the above suggestions. You will be looking at your typical fence initially on the basis of cheapest price and ease of installation as well as height options. Just so you know, fence panel fences come in standard heights ranging from 3ft all the way through to 6 ft. and being of standard width and are very easy to install and maintain over time.

 In case security is your aim, focus on finding a fence which besides having height also has structural strength as well as a solid fascia. Just so you know, the best security can easily be achieved with rigid mesh fence system mounted on steel posts of heights ranging from 6ft all the way through to 8ft. you can also settle for one which is 3m high.

One problem with steel fences is the fact that they are great for industrial situations but can also serve as a prison used for domestic context. If you are interested in improved home security then it is strongly advised that you settle for the strongest and tallest timber as these will help you hide away your property, prevent intruders as well as offer a solid boundary.  Take note, a close board fence will most definitely end up being much more expensive compared to a fence panel. However being mounted on heavier section posts as well as coming in more height options will only serve to offer a higher degree of security than fence panels.

 In the event that decoration is your main concern, your choices should start from the least costly through to the costlier options. In such a case, your budget and appearance would make the primary factors for your choices. It is however very important to always keep in mind the fact that the more you spend, the more durable the fence would be. Also take note, the common factor with many declarative fences is the fact that they are usually short on privacy and security. However, when used as internal dividers on your property, they have proven to be extremely wonderful additions to the garden



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