Deluxe Garden Pool Bungalow, exterior view with wood fencing

Deluxe Garden Pool Bungalow, exterior view


Fencing: nope, we are not talking about people fighting with swords. Today’s post is about outdoor fencing, which should be just one of the offerings of any good tree surgeon.

Installing a fence must be easy, right? Well, you’d be surprised by the skills, experience and specialist equipment which are needed to install a good quality, presentable and durable fence. Someone with reasonable DIY skills may be able to erect their own fence, but whether it will be pleasing to the eye and be able to endure years of rain, wind and other harsh conditions is another matter!

There’s a real risk that an inexperienced person could end up with an ugly monstrosity that doesn’t actually do the job it’s supposed to.

Which type of fence is right for me?

Naturally, before you get someone to install a fence, you’ll need to decide what kind of fence is most suitable in terms of athletics and functionality. Here are some points to consider:

  • Are you fencing something in, or something out and if so, what?
  • How high should your fence be?
  • Will it have any holes or gaps in it? If it will, what size should they be?
  • Is the fence for security or privacy?
  • Will it need to support anything such as plants?
  • Are you installing a fence so you can demarcate your boundary? If so, is shared cost an issue?
  • Will it be subject to strong winds?
  • In cases such as garden fencing, your neighbours may have to look at it too. It’s a good idea to have a friendly chat with them about what you plan to do. So, you can then decide upon something you‘re both happy with. Everyone‘s a winner and you can avoid any bad blood between both parties.
  • Do you need a temporary or permanent fence?

Still unsure?

Just contact a professional tree surgeon with plenty of experience. However, if you’ve already considered the previous points this will be helpful to the person who‘s going to be erecting your fence and they will be able to advise you on the best way forward. So, then you can then talk through which materials and style of fence would provide the best fit for your needs.

It’s better to use the best quality materials within your budget. So, whether you need to erect a fence to keep livestock in or just a garden trellis, an experienced fencer will know the tricks of the trade and have the right materials for the job.

Add value, privacy and security to your property

In fact, a sturdy, good quality fence which is pleasing to the eye can add value to your property, as well as giving you more privacy. A solid well made fence is also a great addition for the security conscious home owner! Furthermore, it can also transform your garden into a more inviting space.

A great investment for commercial customers

Commercial customers can also be assured of high quality fencing which will stand up to the job for many years and will prove to be a good investment.

Dave Kenworthy, owner of Evolution trees, has a team of highly experienced and professionals at the ready who can erect fences for any domestic or commercial customers. It doesn‘t matter whether you need a fence and gate for a small front garden, or you need fencing for a large scale project. Evolution Trees can do it all.


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