Float to fill 5 foot X 15 inch inflatable ring bool backyard ocean


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Key Features:

  • 18.5” rigid foam ring
  • Complete with nylon tow rope
  • Unsinkable
  • Easy to use – no buttons
  • Reads bath temperature every 2 seconds

Cost: $24.99 (Shipping & Handling Charges Extra)

Water safety is on every parent’s mind as soon as you realize you have to bathe that squirming, screeching new addition at some point. At first, you’ll get to give sponge baths that are a little less terrifying for new parents because you don’t have to navigate a water-filled tub with your baby. Eventually, though, you’ll have to brave the tub and there’s a whole new series of anxious thoughts running through your mind. From bumping heads on faucets to slipping on smooth tub surfaces, little ones are at risk when they are in the tub.

To further add to your list of worries, summer strikes. This time of year, parents especially are concerned with water safety for the whole family. Whether it’s keeping kids safe in the family pool or at the local swimming hole, or on white-water rapids, parents need to know how to keep their families safe both in and around water.

Overall, bath time and swimming time should be fun for everyone, and the good news is that several safety-minded companies have come to the rescue with smart and innovative water safety products. While no water product can replace an attentive parent or certified lifeguard, these water safety products give parents a little more peace of mind when spending time in and near the water their families.

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