Customizing a Privacy Fence

As a home owner, in case you are looking forward to building a privacy fence with some flair then you will be glad to learn that you have plenty of options for customizing and embellishing basic privacy fence. Below are highlights of the different fence styles that help make privacy fence stand out, they include the fact that:

For starters, Privacy fences have become one of the most ubiquitous neighborhood fence styles. A basic solid style cedar fence usually combines a clean simple look with the coveted seclusion from neighbors. When repeated in yard after yard, privacy fencing can become a bit monotonous.

At the moment there are plenty of options for home owners who prefer the privacy of a solid cedar fence but also are not interested in yards which blend with everyone else’s. As already mentioned, in case you are looking for a fence with a little of flair then there are a variety of options for customization which would really interest you.

Below are a few ideas for personalizing your privacy fence, they include:

  1. Basic Privacy Fence

Any standard cedar privacy fence usually measures six feet in height and features tightly fixed boards. In most cases, the top is normally flat which gives it a smooth appearance. Just so you know, one way to add interest to a basic privacy fence is to make use of dog eared boards instead of resulting in a dynamic pattern along the top. You can also experiment with different board widths or alternating board heights.

  1. Picture Frame Fence

It is a more decorative variation of privacy fencing, just as the name suggests, vertical posts and horizontal rails are put up to frame the sections of the fencing. You will be glad to learn that this type of fencing has previously proven to add not only charms but also opportunities for customization. As a matter of fact, you can easily select the board height, choose whether or not the boards and the frames should match as well as the number each frame should contain. You can also embellish a picture frame using additional wood trim.

  1. Lattice Top Fence

It is a typical variation on privacy fencing, it is also characteristic of a section of decorative lattice along the tip. In case you are a creative home owner, it is strongly advised that you take up this particular concept slightly further by incorporating lattice sections into the body of the fence in order to create an interesting effect. You can also make use of a narrow section of lattice as the frame fence.

  1. Good Neighbor Fence

This type of fence instead of featuring fixed boards on a single side of the supporting rails, it has the boards attached alternately to each side of the rails. This can easily be further customized by widening the gaps between the boards.

  1. Semi-Privacy Fence

It is best suited for home owners who want partial privacy without feeling closed in. they are typically shorter compared to regular privacy fencing options with fair amount of spaces within the boards.

With all of these options available to experiment, there is absolutely no reason why your privacy fence should look like everyone elses’.


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