Types of Fences and an Overview of the message they send across

Any fence once put up usually serves numerous purposes. It goes without say that putting up a fence is an extremely effective way to keep pets as well as small kids from leaving the limits of your yard. You will also agree and support the fact that a fence can also easily double up as aesthetic, while also used to increase property value. Taking into consideration all of the above, it goes without say that: the actual purpose for putting up the fence is by far the first most important step in selecting the type of fence which is right for you.

When the opportunity to choose from the many types of fences available presents itself, there are very many things which you should consider. Primarily, it is strongly advised that you place a lot of emphasis on the main purpose of the fence. For instance, ask yourself, will the fence be used to provide privacy? Is the fence a requirement in accordance with the town regulation? Would you like it to simply serve as a decorative addition to your yard?

It is important to understand the fact that there are virtually endless uses for fences, it is therefore extremely crucial that you define why is it that you personally would like to put up a fence before actually getting down to do so. Just so you know, there are cases in which setting up a fence would simply be because you want to protect unauthorized access to your pool area or would like to protect your livestock or even pets. As a matter of fact, there are instances in which putting up a fence might simply be for decoration purposes.

Below is an overview of some of the difference types of fences you should consider putting up coupled with highlights of the message the stand to send across once successfully put up.

  1. White Picket Fence – there is nothing which says “American dream” such as a white picket fence, in most cases, there are no more than three or four feet high picket fences put up which are not for decoration. You will be glad to learn that this types of fences have previously proven to be extremely useful for enclosing small children playing grounds and pets.

  1. A chain link fence – this type of fence when topped with barbed wire would most definitely send out the message “ keep away from my property”, adding an electrical wire on top of it all would simply send out the statement : “trespass at your own risk!”.

  1. Post and rail fence – it is very popular in suburban area since it serves as an ornamental feature while also providing privacy. In most cases it is usually made of wood together with a split rail fence and is very common in regions which have plentiful supply of lumber.

In addition to all of the above, it is also very important to note that besides wood and metal, fences can also be made from other types of supplies. For instance, stacked rocks have previously proven to be very effective when used as fences in the countryside. Hedges on the other hand though they are best suited for surrounding large manors, they can also fit well in any neighborhood.  It is equally very important to note that previously, they have proven to be extremely reliable in providing privacy while at the same time also providing welcoming aesthetics. A relatively new and extremely popular type of fence is the PVC or vinyl fencing as it is popularly known. This type of fence can easily be custom made to suit the needs of the owners.

There are many types of fences; however before installing any particular type, it is very important to check with your town for any zoning regulations which might affect the type of fence that you are allowed to put up. In case you are unsure of the regulations, it is strongly advised that you call your local town hall or better yet check the website of your municipality for details on how to handle the entire process.

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