Different Types of Wood Fence Panels

As a property owner, you will agree and support the fact that adding a fence to the yard not only serves to help ensure safety, it also serves to provide an eye appealing outlook which adds value to your home. It is very important to understand the fact that even though synthetic or plastic fences have their very own advantage, natural looking wood fence panels are by far the best for practical use. You will be glad to learn that a wood fence panels usually offers both privacy and security and the panels are normally available in about 8 foot parts (of 4 to 6 feet lengthwise).

Wood fences are presently available in different types hence you are guaranteed a chance to get one which besides meeting your preferences also suits all of your needs.  Just so you know, some of the most commonly used types include the likes of the split rail, corral, shadow box, privacy and spaced picket.

Below is a detailed overview of each option to help you get even more familiarized with them.

  1. The split rail is by far the most common design. You will be glad to learn that assembling this type of fence is very easy. In fact, one section of this type of fence usually consists of two straight posts with a row of three holes drilled into the post. What more, in these holes, horizontal posts are usually carved and this gives it such a perfect and rustic look.

  1. The corral on the other hand is an evolutionary design of the split rail. It is different from the rest in the sense that it comprises of two straight posts which are nailed in between the straight posts. It is important to note that this design makes it the best choice for stables and farms. You should also note that it is an open design which allows for fresh air to pass through.

  1. The picket fence is also a highly preferred choice. It resembles the corral fence in many ways and usually comprises of two upright posts with another horizontal post running in between. One thing which sets it apart from the rest is the fact that it usually has vertical pickets attached on every few inches on the horizontal slats. It is important to understand the fact that: picket is readily available in different sizes and shape. As a matter of fact, most home owners use different lengths to give it a unique design hence the reason it is strongly advised that you seriously consider it.

In addition to all of the above about wood fence panels, there is also privacy fence. Just as the name suggests, it gives absolute privacy to an extent that it does not even allow breeze to pass through. The top of this fence is usually carved and sometimes it provided extended caps. The shadowbox also uses the same exact privacy only that pickets are usually attached to different lengths.


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